Single? Ticketmaster says: You may not buy good seats without company!

ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) presales for a few UK gigs started today, and I wanted to go to Manchester, cause that’s my favorite UK city for concerts.

Was happy like a little kid, and even more excited when I saw that there were TWO available seats in the FRONT ROW!! YEY!! I clicked on a seat to buy it, but instead of getting to the next step in the ordering process, I got THIS:

“You have left a single seat – “stuck between selected seats”. Leave at least two empty seats together”.


I stared at the message in disbelief. It had to be a technical issue. So I tried again, but got the same message.

Basically, Ticketmaster has decided that the CORRECT way to go to a concert is WITH COMPANY.
In other words, you are not welcome as a single visitor, at least you aren’t welcome to get any GOOD seats. If you absolutely INSIST on going alone, go and get some crappy seat in the back, you don’t have anyone to talk to anyway, so it shouldn’t make a difference.

Oh, and that was on my SECOND try.
On the first try, I also got a front row seat but when I reached the payment page (with 8 minutes left to complete the purchase) Ticketmaster conveniently “lost” my ticket.
There was an error, an issue – something, who knows. Funny how those “errors” tend to pop up every time there’s a major ticket release.

You’d think that they’ve never experienced large amounts of people at the same time on their site before? Why is it that that “error” NEVER occurs when I have a BAD ticket in my cart??

This stressed me out on the Rolling Stones ticket release, then on the Paul McCartney ticket release and now THIS.

It’s not a coincidence. Sooner or later someone’s going to expose exactly what’s going on. I can¬†only guess.
If they stress people out, they won’t care what ticket they get or what it costs, cause at that Point, they’ll be eager to get ANYTHING.

But to DENY single concert visitors the POSSIBILITY to buy ONE ticket is… I’m lost for words.

I love concerts, it’s the essence of life, it’s what I live for. But these ticket sites have come up with so many creative ways to kill that joy the past few years, it makes you just want to stay at home sometimes.

There’s a problem” (unspecified)
You can’t buy THAT seat if you don’t bring a husband or a friend!
Oops, the ticket you had is suddenly and mysteriously gone eventhough you had it in your cart and had plenty of time to finish your purchase“…

Ticketmaster UK – I’m all ears. Why wasn’t I allowed that front row seat (leaving the OTHER front row seat to ANOTHER happy, single concert lover)??

Two available seats at the ELO concert in Manchester, UK. But out of reach if you don’t have a significant other, or a friend who ALSO just HAPPENS to like particulartly ELO, or you happen to KNOW anyone in Manchester in the first place… You are simply NOT allowed to buy THAT A V A I L A B L E seat!







I’m getting slightly fed up with the ridiculous rules at bigger concerts.
Just reading the rules for tomorrow’s Rolling Stones concert in Hamburg.

It says – and it’s not a joke – the following:

We recommend you carry only your concert ticket, your mobile phone, your key ring and your wallet with you, and do without any further items.

The following items are allowed on the concert site:

  • Only “clutches”, fanny packs, and neck pouches up to the size of a Din A5 sheet (14.8 cm x 21 cm).
    Please leave larger bags than above at home. They cannot be taken to the venue.
  • Liquid hygiene and health articles up to 100ml (max. 2 pieces per person) in suitable plastic containers.

Forbidden items:

Bags, backpacks of all kinds

Cameras and camera equipment
Liquids / beverages, also in tetra packs and PET bottles
Picnic blankets

Some things make sense, others are just idiotic.

We’re paying CRAZY amounts of money for shows this size, each and every one of us is contributing to the luxury lives that Mick Jagger, Keith Richards & co have enjoyed for decades, and we can’t even get a fucking PHOTO as a memory of the event to bring home with us for the 5 monthrentticketprice we’re paying?! WHY?
I never understood that logic.

Nobody’s making money off our cellphone and small camera-pics. On the contrary they’re free PR for bands these days, used to spread the gospel if you wish. It brings us joy and memories to show people 20 years after these guys are gone.

And then they tell you that you’re not even allowed to SNEEZE or bring a freaking HANDKERCHIEF unless it fits in a bag the size of an A5 along with your, well…KEYS???

No, I wasn’t planning on bringing a bomb in my 2 cm larger-than-the-rules-allow-bag either. ūüėě WTF…

SKOGSR√ĖJET – festival-of-loud-guitars&screams time! :)

I didn’t go to Sweden Rock Festival this year, my “home” that I haven’t missed one single time since the mid 90’s, but this year I had to for personal reasons. I had to go to Croatia to take care of a few things that couldn’t be postponed any longer.

So I’m really glad that I’ll get to experience THIS festival, SKOGSR√ĖJET instead, cause it’s brand new to me.

Some of my favorite artists and bands are on the bill, so it’s like Christmas! I originally only got myself a ticket because they announced YNGWIE, my guitar hero since I was a teenage rocker. He hasn’t played in Sweden since god knows when, so that was a major treat! Then they announced APOLLO – Sweden’s Tony Martin, the man with the massive voice.

Then came all this other stuff, it’s gonna be a party-weekend to remember!

Not only that, but some of these acts bring old friends, Loudness with a long-time friend Anett from the Jon Oliva-days, Apollo from the Firewind and post-Firewind days, Pretty Maids with “little brother” Chris Laney on the keyboards and guitar…

And kickass live acts within their respective fields – THUNDER is an AMAZING band! I first saw them at the Donington Monsters of Rock back in the early 90’s with Iron Maiden, The Almighty, Slayer and W.A.S.P among others. They kicked ass.

Then I made a reaquaintance with them when they played with Whitesnake on their UK tour a few years ago – and then played Sweden Rock Festival. Incredibly solid band, great songs, just a wonderful vibe all the way through. And now they’re back in Sweden – then, if I feel that I STILL haven’t had enough of them, they’ll also be rockin’ the boat at the Monsters of Rock Cruise next year!

[this is from the Whitesnake tour a few years ago]

AMARANTHE kick ass at what they do, they’ve done their own thing from the very start and whether people loved it or hated it, they still carried on with their unique style.
Never mind the fact that all guys go goo-goo-gaa-gaa over Elize, she’s an incredibly talented singer – all three of them are. And there’s fireworks, laser and stuff, enough to feast your ears and eyes. :)

And D-A-D…! There is not a festival, gig, stage, ANYTHING that won’t start rockin’ to the CORE when these guys plug in their guitars and turn everything up to eleven! I love, love, love them to death! It’s genuine, it’s rough, it’s tough, it’s rock’n’roll the way it’s supposed to be, it’s a show, tons of humor and there’s just nothing not to like about these guys, Denmark’s greatest pride and joy!
If you haven’t heard them or seen them, it’s never too late and I can’t imagine anyone not having a fantastic time at their shows! :D

Hardcore Superstar, another one of those solid bands that have so much energy on stage it’s exhausting just watching them. :) It just hit me that a lot of these great acts are all from Gothenburg, Sweden – and Liv Sin is another one to add to that list.

When I first saw Sister Sin, they were opening for some major act, don’t remember who it was, but I remember thinking when I saw that petite, little leather-packaged chick in fishnet stockings: “…probably another one of those wimpy girlie singers that focuses on image and can’t sing for shit“…

Boy did I regret thinking that for even one second! SHE was the real deal – no doubt about it! She had a powerful rock’n’roll voice, like she’s been eating barb wire for breakfast, she was ALL over the fuckin’ place, rockin’ like the 100% pure rock chick that she is!

She’s never disappointed me since – she delivers at every show. Some people were just born to do what they do, and Liv was born to rock the asses of everybody.

And Yngwie – well… he doesn’t need an introduction. Just call him Maestro. :) Nobody comes close, he is simply amazing. Yeah, he’s mister Attitude and all that, but strip away all the bullshit and it comes down to the greatest guitarist I’ve ever heard. There might be others that are technically better, but Yngwie’s got the whole, complete deal – the melodies, she showmanship, the “feel”… It’s a zillion notes per second but it’s not ONLY that, unlike most other shredders. Love the guy. For his playing. I mean listen to this and tell me he’s not fantastic!

Second day – Apollo, Ugly Kid Joe, Pretty Maids, Backyard Babies, Black Star Riders…and old school NWOBHM heroes Saxon. :)

APOLLO – you’ll hear his voice on so many records, he’s one of the most sought-after vocalists in the country and there’s no doubt why. Apart from being an impressive singer, he’s also a super nice guy. This clip is from his days with Evil Masquerade. A favorite of mine. :)

PRETTY MAIDS – been around for ages and they’re only getting better!

What’s not to like?! I can’t wait for this weekend, that’ll be my dose of rock’n’roll for this month! :D

No terrorist will ever stop me from living

Music, life

I wasn’t going to write about the Manchester terrorist act,¬†because I just don’t want those who do it to get more fuel and more attention. It seems like that’s their way of getting¬†their message across, in a sick sort of way.

But I will say this.

I’ve been asked: “Aren’t you at least a little bit scared?”

I go to concerts all the time. It’s my life. It’s what I live for.
A wise person once said that you should live for something you’re also willing to die for. And music is exactly that.

I’m not afraid at all. I’m not saying that to convince myself or anyone else or because I want to pretend to be cocky or whatever, I simply just…am not scared.

There is not one¬†sexually frustrated, mentally disturbed¬†terrorist on this planet that will make me stop going to the next concert – or the next. And if they blow me up, well so be it. Just do the job properly asshole. I’m not going to spend my life at home, being scared of traveling or going to an arena to see my favorite band. If I do, I might as well shoot myself right away, because that is no way to live.

I’ve been a “railrider” (all the way up front at concerts) since I was a teenager. At times, it’s been very tough standing there in the front row. You think you’re going to be crushed to death, suffocate or be beaten by some drunk or by someone who’s high and thinks you’re in the way.

My friend and I went to a¬†W.A.S.P-concert in the late 90’s and it was ruthless. She decided to give up, cause she had bruises all over and couldn’t breathe. I didn’t blame her. But I stayed. My attitude at the time was, that if I die here tonight, at least I will have died happy.

And that’s what it’s all about.

I will probably be scared if someone shoots me and doesn’t do the job properly, but nothing will scare me from going to concerts, that’s my point.

I just read that Kiss cancelled their show in Manchester, and I understand that it’s just not the right time or place – eventhough it’s for other practical reasons as well. I’ve been to that arena, because I prefer Manchester to London for gigs. It could have been me.

To think that some confused individual who believes in fairy tales and is convinced that blowing up people is mega-cool, killed¬†CHILDREN… who know nothing about political or religious beliefs…

What can you even say? 

I’ve already seen enough hatred and speculations in social media, I’m not going to add more to it since it really makes no difference what anyone thinks. This shit will continue, cause there are enough airheads out there who have nothing better to do with their worthless existence than blowing themselves up.
I just wish they could do it somewhere far away from other people.

All we can do is set a statement by what we choose to do and how we choose to live.

And I choose life – and living it to the fullest. That’s what rock’n’roll has taught me. It gave my life meaning and I will stick to it.

Until the very end.


Steve Stevens – always a pleasure to meet and talk to. As much as I love Billy Idol, whenever I went to Billy’s shows, I ended up being a lot more fascinated by the guitarist than the headliner himself.
They are the perfect combo, much like Mick and Keith (hey, Keith over Mick anytime, Keith is just insanely cool!), Steven Tyler and Joe Perry (Perry – thankyouverymuch!) well you get the drift – Steve was simply the cooler of the two. :)

After meeting Steve at a little jazz club at Broadway with Sebastian Bach a few years ago, I was even more floored – not only by his genuine love for his craft, but also for his warm and positive energy. You feel at ease around that guy. Same thing with his wife Josie, big smile, big heart.

I instantly liked them and it’s simply a pleasure to see them both again. Was glad that they could squeeze this in, eventhough Steve was in high demand, especially that weekend. Thanks guys!

Check out the 2012-Iridium-interview here.

But for the most recent interview from Musik Messe in Frankfurt, check this out. :)